The Chase

The other morning, Vivi woke up at 5:00 a.m., which is way too early for this mama. I walked into her room, knelt beside her bed, and asked her what was wrong.

Mama, I just want you. Don’t leave me. I want you to stay with me.

Truthfully, I didn’t want to stay with her. I kept trying to escape, disentangling our arms, backing slowly away with the reassurances that I would return “in a little while.”

After walking back to my room, I grabbed my Bible and thought about my sweet Vivi. I reflected on her pleas.

I just want you. I want you to stay with me.

And in those quiet moments of that too early morning, I heard God whisper in my soul.

My dear child, this is how I feel about you.

God wants me. He wants you.

He never wants us to leave.

He wants us to stay with Him.

But so often, we keep trying to get away from Him, disentangling our arms, our heart, from His. Thankfully, He keeps chasing us and pursuing us.


That same afternoon, the little kids were in the playroom. Jonah was playing, trying to get Vivi’s attention by yelling, “Look at me! Vivi, look at me!”

It occurred to me that we all just want to be seen and heard. Like Jonah’s cries,  we want others to acknowledge that they really see us.

Let me reassure you, my friends. God sees you. He knows you intimately.

Grab your Bible and sit with Him. Let Him soothe your soul and heal your hurts.

Don’t back away. Don’t try to escape.

Let Him see the real you. He loves you just the way you are.

He is chasing you and pursuing you, and He will never leave you. In the words of Vivienne, He just wants you. 

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