A Recap of May

Aaah, the end of school. My favorite, yet most dreaded time of year. Can you relate?

Usually the teachers are so D-O-N-E by the end of the year, right? State testing is complete so school is O-V-E-R. But this year, I feel like Brienne’s teachers just got ramped up good in May. I mean, she didn’t have homework the entire year but suddenly, during the last two weeks of school, she had four projects due. FOUR! What in the world?

But it hasn’t been all bad. Just busy. Let’s see if I can recap a little for you.

During the first week of May, Vivi’s pre-k class celebrated May and summer birthdays. Since Vivi is a June baby, that meant we were celebrating her birthday too. I picked up cupcakes and headed to her classroom for a little party. She was pumped to be able to celebrate her birthday at school like everybody else. Isn’t she a cutie?


The next day, Brienne’s 7th grade class had a field trip to Atlanta. They had to be at the school at 6:30 a.m. and didn’t get home till almost midnight. (These late nights are killing me…)

On this very same day, Jonah’s pre-k class had a family picnic. So Vivi and I headed up to his school for playtime on the playground and a hotdog lunch. It was actually a really fun day and the weather was perfect.


The second week of May was just as busy. We had Fiesta Day at Vivi’s school on Tuesday. Her teachers fixed nachos, and we got to eat and hang out with the kids and parents. It was a really nice morning and it makes me happy to see how much her teachers love those little preschoolers.


The next day Vivi’s school had Water Day, where they got to swim in little pools and slide down giant water slides. Then the following day was her last day of school. We celebrated with a little fro yo.


It was also the day of a thousand vomits. (Too much information?) There was a nasty stomach virus going around and Vivi caught it. She woke up that Friday morning at 2:00 a.m. throwing up. Super fun.

Also on vomit day, Brienne had a field trip to Panama City Beach for the weekend. (Must be nice.) Her school chorus had a competition there, and I am happy to say that they won Gold/Superior and The Best in the Chorale Competition. Woohoo!!


And on that same day, Jonah had a field trip to Tiger Stripes, which apparently is a small zoo in nearby Quitman. Who knew? Vivi and I were supposed to go with them, but didn’t make it, what with the throwing up and all… Jonah had a blast, though, and even got to feed a goat.

Two days later, Jonah came down with strep. So he missed two days during the final week of school. Awesome.

The last week of school was crazy busy. Brienne’s chorus had a concert on Monday night. I took the little kids with me and they loved watching all the big kids sing. Well, they sort of loved it. Jonah mostly hung upside down on the pew for the majority of the concert, while I had a constant grip on the back of his shirt so he wouldn’t tumble head first to the floor and break his neck. Aaah, the joy of having boys…However, I am constantly amazed at the talent in Brienne’s school and I’m glad that she has the opportunity to be involved in a school chorus.

The following night was Awards Night at the middle school so I got a sitter for the littles (because no way were they going to be able to sit through a boring awards ceremony) and headed up to the school to celebrate the academic achievements of the students. Brienne received the honor roll award and she was also one of four recipients of the Citizenship Award for 7th grade. (I may have cried a little…)


School got out Friday so we celebrated with lunch at Mellow Mushroom…

IMG_2370 IMG_2375

and a little fro yo (again).


And then Brienne went to an end of the year party till 11:00 pm.

And I am pooped. The end.

I think it’s important to rejoice with our kids in their accomplishments and celebrate exciting things in their lives, whether it be class birthdays, field trips, or the last day of school. We should be joyful as we honor all the things the Lord has accomplished in their lives.

Psalm 92:4 says this: “For You, O Lord, have made me glad by what You have done, I will sing for joy at the works of Your hands.” (NAS) 

Mamas, let’s face it – summer can be hard. The kids are underfoot all day, every day and it can get a little overwhelming. But I want to encourage you this week to find something to celebrate in each of your children. It might be something small like your four-year old putting her dish in the sink without being asked. Or it could be something a little bigger like an older child volunteering to help a younger child with a difficult task. Whatever it may be, I urge you to look for things to celebrate. Call attention to the good in each of your children and watch them thrive in your praise. And be sure to thank the Lord and give Him glory, showing your children how He created them each uniquely and for a purpose.


Happy summer, friends!


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