To My Son’s Birthmother on Mother’s Day

Being a mom has been the most difficult yet the most beautiful and fulfilling job I have ever had, and I am beyond grateful for all three of my children. But as I was lying in bed last night, I began to think about Jonah and the sacrifices made by his birthmother. This letter is to birthmothers everywhere, but particularly to the one who gave us our precious son.

To My Son’s Birthmother on Mother’s Day:

I won’t pretend to understand how you feel as each Mother’s Day rolls around. Maybe it’s a difficult day for you or perhaps it isn’t. But as I reflect on Mother’s Day this year, I would like to say a few things to you in gratitude for the gift you gave our family almost six years ago.

After years of desperately wanting another baby, you made us parents for the second time. You answered our daughter’s sweet prayers by making her a big sister. Because of you, the dream we had for our family was fulfilled. 

Your sacrifice is something I can’t even begin to understand. You gave us a piece of yourself. You placed part of your heart in my arms and for that, I will forever be grateful. 

I can’t begin to imagine your pain and heartache as you held this sweet babe in your arms for the last time; as you released this little life to me and placed him in my arms. I still remember the tears and sorrow that streaked your face and I am sorry for the pain you had to endure in order to bring such joy to our family. 


So I want to thank you.

For choosing life when you could have so easily chosen another path.

For nurturing him and protecting him in your womb all those months.

For choosing our family to be the ones with the privilege of raising him and loving him.


And I want to make you some promises.

I promise that we will love him with everything that we are.

I promise that we will always tell him about you and your sacrifice in giving him to us.

I promise that we will do our best to raise him to love Jesus and to love others.

I promise that we will instill in him a sense of right and wrong.

I promise that we will encourage him to find his way and his calling as he grows.

I promise that we will help him develop courage as well as compassion.

I promise that he will always be cherished.


Although I am his mom now, you will always be his first mama. You are valued and we esteem you, precious birth mom. I am completely overwhelmed by your sacrificial love.


Forever grateful,

This Adoptive Mom



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