What I’m Loving This Month, Edition May 2016 (plus a GIVEAWAY!)

I thought it would be fun to do a quick post at the end of each month containing 3 or 4 different things that I’m loving. So here are the things I’m loving for May.

  1. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: I have recently become addicted to podcasts. I listen to them while I’m cooking, while I’m driving around town (if I don’t have kids with me), and when I’m running. This one is my favorite! Jamie is a pastor’s wife in Austin, TX, and she interviews a different friend every week. I love it and I think you will too! You can subscribe to receive her newest episodes, but I encourage you to go back and listen to all her old ones too. They’re great!
  2. This article: Y’all. If you haven’t seen the Chewbacca lady, she is hilarious. But I love that she talks about  the joy of the Lord. So refreshing.
  3. Pioneer Woman Pimento Cheese: Um. Hello. A friend brought this pimento cheese to a MOPS meeting a couple months ago and I could’ve eaten the entire dish. It. Is. So. Yummy. And with summer coming up, what better thing to eat than pimento cheese on crackers or pimento cheese with veggies or pimento cheese sandwiches. Make it now. You can thank me later.
  4. Pentatonix: This is old but if you haven’t seen it, you need to stop what you’re doing and watch it right now. Brienne showed it to me a couple months ago and I was blown away. No pun intended.


So. Let’s do a little giveaway this week. Won’t that be fun? Beth Moore posted on her blog that she would be joining Lifeway Women in doing Priscilla Shirer’s Armor of God Bible study this summer. Would you like to join in? You can go to Lifeway and sign up here.

I will be giving away one copy of the Armor of God workbook. I am also giving away this cute little tote.


Wouldn’t it be perfect for a day at the pool or the beach? You could throw in a bottle of water, a granola bar, a few books, and some sunscreen and you’re all set for a relaxing day in the sun. (Unless you have a million kids tagging along with you. Sorry, I can’t help you with that.)

Anyway, all you have to do to be entered in the giveaway is leave a comment here on the blog. It can be about anything – your summer plans, something you’re loving, anything. Leave a comment and I will draw two lucky winners. The first winner drawn will win the Armor of God Bible study and the second winner drawn will win the tote. I will leave comments open until Sunday night and will post the winner on next week’s blog. I need at least 20-25 entries so be sure to share with your friends!


26 thoughts on “What I’m Loving This Month, Edition May 2016 (plus a GIVEAWAY!)

  1. Adrienne I miss you sweet friend but I feel connected with you reading your blogs. You crack me up all the time and then something that God has laid on your heart will convict me too. Thank you for using your writing skills for the glory of God. I cant wait til you get back to TN!!!

  2. I’m loving your blogs. Currently reading Beth Moore’s book, ” Get Out of the Pit” and loving it.

    1. Thank you, Carrie! I love Beth Moore – she is definitely one of my favorites. I think I have that book on my shelf but haven’t read it yet. I need to dig it out.

  3. I love the extra family time I’ve had this weekend. We spent the weekend in North Arkansas cave hopping and floating down the Buffalo River. Nothing can take the place of quality time and memories made with my kids.

  4. Fun giveaways!! Hope your summer is going well! I’m going to check out the podcasts you recommended.

    1. I definitely think you will like The Happy Hour podcast. Seriously, go back and listen to them all. The first ones are sort of amateurish because she’s just learning how to do a podcast but I’ve really enjoyed listening to all of them.

  5. Thanks for the podcast recommendation…I’m sure it will be better than the last one I recommended to you 😬

  6. Love the Chewbacca Lady, She has made me laugh on multiple occasions by replaying the video. Her laugh is contagious. Also yay on a summer bible study. I have a group of girls I did bible study’s with at my old church and we want to reconnect this summer and do a one to reconnect. This may be perfect. Thanks for always being translucent with your life and an inspiration to us Mommies just trying to deal with the daily struggle.

    1. Y’all should sign up for this one. I think there will be videos once a week and then you are on your own or can do it with a group. I’m excited about it!

  7. I actually missed out in that study last summer and I was so nervous! I love Priscilla Shirer! I always enjoy your posts!

    P.S. I know you just love all of fosse exclamation marks;)

  8. I am going to portugal week after next on a mission trip! Can’t wait to share God’s love through photography!

  9. What I love right now…the fact that we are done homeschooling while the kids in this area are still in school!

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