What I’m Loving, Edition August 2016

Hey, friends! It’s the end of August so here are a few things I’ve been loving this month.

1. The Olympics! Although I haven’t been too impressed with NBC’s coverage this year, I was inspired by the USA men’s synchronized diving team. Are those guys incredible, or what? I don’t really know how you aspire to grow up to be a men’s synchronized diver, but I love that they gave all the glory to Jesus. And of course, my two favorite parts of the summer Olympics – swimming and women’s gymnastics. Aaaah… Happy place…

2. JT’s Can’t Stop The Feeling: Don’t judge me. I’m not ashamed to say that I love this song and I jam out to it every time it comes on the radio. They really should’ve put me in that video…

3. My Red Balloon: Ok y’all. This children’s book made me cry like a baby. It tells the story of a boy whose daddy is returning from a navy deployment. I read this book to my kids right before Peter came home in June and I could barely contain my emotions. So good for anybody with small children whose parent is coming home from deployment.

That’s it for this month! I would love to hear your thoughts on NBC’s coverage of the Olympics this year. And what is your favorite summer Olympic sport?


2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving, Edition August 2016

  1. Swimming was 1 we were always watching and we really got in to track and field this year. The USA had so many athletes giving all their glory to God and praising him for their wins. I LOVED it. I thought they did an incredible job representing our country. (The divers were amazing too). So much talent it was hard to watch it all.

    1. We got into track and field too! We don’t usually watch that too much, but this year it was really fun to watch.

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