How To Be Grateful in a Rush

It seems like everything is an emergency with my kids these days.

“Mom, I can’t find my favorite jeans! And I need them NOW!”

“I’m hungry!! I need a snack!”

“I want you to play with me right now!”

And my personal favorite:

“Oh no! My teetee’s coming out!”

It can be exhausting trying to tend to everybody’s “needs” each day, sometimes minute by minute.

And to top it off, our family is currently in a season of rushing from activity to activity after school. The decision to be so busy wasn’t by choice – in fact, most of our busyness stems from Brienne’s physical therapy appointments twice a week and Jonah’s occupational therapy and counseling appointments that occur on a weekly basis.

We do throw a bit of fun in the mix – Brie takes piano/ukulele lessons each week and she goes to swim team on our one free afternoon. And eventually Jonah will play soccer again.

But here is my struggle. Everything feels so rushed.

Each afternoon, after finally returning home from whatever we’ve got going on, you can usually find me in the kitchen throwing supper together (on a side note – I balked at this cookbook at first but the recipes are amazing and have been a lifesaver!) while the kids are either outside playing (fighting) or inside playing (fighting).

Then after supper, it’s a race against bedtime to give the little kids baths and get them ready for bed. By the time the nightly routine is over, I feel like we’ve been herding cats. I’m exhausted and grumpy.

And I find it really hard to be grateful.

I don’t know how to change our schedule. Slowing down just isn’t possible right now because most of our busyness stems from medical issues needing correction.

However, although our schedule can’t be changed, my attitude can.

When life gets crazy and I find myself drowning, I need to stop and take a minute to thank God for my blessings. And there are oh so many if only I can remember that they are blessings and not inconveniences.

Colossians 3: 17 (NIV) says this:

“And whatever you do, whether in word or in deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”

I don’t want my children growing up in a house with parents who are always in a rush, always grumpy. Who never have time to play with them. Who never have time to properly train and teach them.

Thanksgiving is in just a few days. November is generally the month when we all start naming things we are thankful for.



But I don’t want to remember my blessings only in November. I want to remember them every single day. Even on the hard days.

Count your blessings today, friend. But also count them tomorrow. And next month. And next year.

Count them in the good times and the bad. In the busy seasons and the slow. Let’s remember that God is good to us. All the time.


Happy Thanksgiving! 


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