What I’m Loving, Edition March 2017

March has flown by over here! Do you feel like that too? Soon it will be Easter and then the end of school will follow shortly thereafter. And then we will be moving to another state. Time, slow down please!

Here are a few things I’m loving this month.

  1. Twenty-One Pilots: Ok, so this band is not for everybody. In fact, my hubby isn’t really a superfan. But this is Brienne’s very favorite band so I recently took her to one of their concerts. It was So. Much. Fun. Those two guys are crazy talented and the concert was high energy and entertaining. If you have a teen in your house, my bet is they love Twenty-One Pilots. Take them to a concert and enjoy some quality time!
  2. LaLa Land: Please tell me you watched this super awesome MUSICAL! I love a good musical. (Well, except the Sound of Music. Peter had hyped that one up so much that I was disappointed when I watched it. Don’t send me hate mail.) Peter and Brienne are huge musical fans as well and LaLa Land did not disappoint. It wasn’t fast paced but it was just so good. And the ending, at least for me, was unexpected. Do yourselves a favor and rent this movie. (I think there might have been one f-word but other than that, your middle schoolers could definitely watch it.)
  3. Watching Jonah play soccer: I think I’ve already blogged about Jonah and his new soccer team so I won’t say too much here. But it has been such a fun soccer season, watching Jonah play and Peter coach. Jonah will never be the most athletic kid on the team and that’s okay. What I love, though, is that he did everything with a smile on his face. He blocked goals, ran up and down the field, kicked the ball, and threw it in from the sideline all with a huge grin. That’s pretty awesome in my book.

That’s all for this month. I’m serious about watching LaLa Land, by the way. Do it!

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