What I’m Loving, Edition May 2017

May has come and is pretty much gone. Summer is here, which means lazy days and boredom and hopefully lots of swimming pools. Our family is looking forward to getting settled in Tennessee, helping the kids find new friends, exploring the area, and getting into whatever else blows our way.

Here are a few things I’m loving this month.

  1. Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm: My friend Laura introduced me to these and I’m in love. Because sometimes I don’t really feel like going all out and putting on lip primer and lip liner and lipstick. Sometimes I just want to swipe some color on my lips without all the hassle. And these are the best because they come in a variety of tints so they look great and they moisturize your lips at the same time! You can sometimes find them at Walmart and Target but I generally get mine at Ulta because they have more variety. Or just order online. Easy peasy!
  2. Scripture Memory: Every couple years Beth Moore does a scripture memory challenge and I try to participate each time. This year has been a little more difficult as I seem to be distracted by all the things – retirement, job search, moving, etc… But I’m almost halfway done and I’m so glad I haven’t given up. If you don’t think you can memorize scripture, you’re wrong. Start off with just one verse a month. If you do that for a year, you’ve got 12 verses in your memory bank. That’s a great start!
  3. Raspberry chocolate truffle k-cups: Have I mentioned these before? Because it sort of feels like I have. These are my very favorite k-cups and Peter and I have been known to fight over the last one. They are hard to find – not just anyone carries them – so it’s probably easier to order them online. And you won’t be disappointed, I promise. It’s a little bit of yummy heavenly caffeinated goodness.

And that’s it for May!

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