In The Busyness

In the busyness, I feel exhausted.

In the chaos, I feel stressed.

I wonder if I will be able to manage everything and everybody.

And I worry.

I worry if my children are getting what they need from me.

I worry that I’m not being patient enough with my husband.

I worry if I’m enough.


But then it happens.

After a hurried morning of searching for shoes and breaking up arguments,

After rushing to make it to church on time,

In the middle of worship,

I feel the presence of Jesus.

As I sing of His wonder and grace, He wraps his arms around me and whispers my name.

He breathes new life into my lungs.

With tears streaming down my face and my arms lifted high, I feel indescribable peace in His presence.

His love surrounds me.


Friend, sometimes life is hard. Concerns press in and worries take over.

Schedules are difficult to manage and chaos ensues. You argue with your spouse, your children don’t obey, and you feel like a failure.

But you are not a failure.

You are a precious daughter of the King.

A King who laid down his very life for you so you could live abundantly.

So lift your hands to Him. Sing praises to His Name.

Let His love rain down over you today.




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