What I’m Loving, Edition October 2017

I love October, and not just because it’s my birthday month. The weather starts getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors, and we are all settling into school routines. Those  things make me happy.

Here are a few other things I’m loving this month.

  1. These sleep leggings: Dang, I’m a sucker for some leggings. I heard about these particular leggings one morning while I was running and listening to the BigBoo podcast. And then the next day, I saw a blog post about them. So naturally, I had to order a pair. And y’all. They are like heaven. You need to get yourselves some right now. For the record, Peter makes fun of me when I wear them (which is every night) and calls them my Dr. Seuss leggings. (He also tells me I look like the Hamburglar…) Whatever, man.
  2. Sacred Holidays Advent Study: Have you heard of this company? It was started a few years ago by my friend Becky Kiser. She was looking for more than just a “devotional” advent study so she decided to write an actual Bible study for the Christmas season. It has since expanded to Lent, a teen summer study, family studies, men’s studies and more! Every year is different and I can’t wait for this year’s study to arrive in my mailbox. I’ve ordered the women’s study for myself, the family study to do with the kids, and the teen study for Brienne. There is even a men’s study! You should check it out if you’re looking for a way to focus more on Christ with your family this Christmas season. I used the Lent study last year with the kids and they absolutely loved it and asked for it every night at dinner!

This guy right here. Seven years ago, I got to meet this precious child for the first time when his birthmother placed him in my arms and our lives were forever changed. I am thankful every day for him, but October will always be super special for our family. So I am loving the miracle of  adoption and the women who choose life even though it’s hard.





What are you loving this month?

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