Verse of the Year

I love January because it’s a time of fresh beginnings. A time to reflect on the past year and look with anticipation toward something new. Something untouched and untainted.

I love to choose a word or theme each new year to speak over our family. Are you one of those people who choose a word or Scripture to guide you for the year?

I started doing a verse of the year a few years ago. You can read about the chaos that ushered in my verse for 2015 here and our verse for 2016 here. Last January we were looking toward lots of changes for our family and you can read about those and the verse I chose here.

Now, on the other side of the changes of 2017, I have been meditating and praying about a new theme for 2018. My heart has been drawn to Jesus over the past few weeks in ways that I haven’t experienced in a long time.

There has been a lot of sorrow in our friend circle lately, and it has weighed heavily on my heart. Also, our family has some big things coming up this year – things such as building a house and continuing with our adoption – and honestly, although it’s exciting, it can also be stressful on many levels.

As I’ve prayed and sought the Lord’s direction for our verse of 2018, I kept sensing the Lord speak over me that He is enough.

He is enough when life gets stressful.

He is enough when relationships get complicated.

He is enough when parenting is hard.

He is enough when sorrow or fear threaten to overtake me.

He is enough when I can’t be.

He is enough.

As I think about the sovereignty of God, I am drawn to this idea that He is all I need.

I’m sensing a theme for 2018 as I’ve already written about how all I want is to love Jesus more. As I meditated on these themes, the Lord showed me a scripture in Lamentations:

Generally, when we read the book of Lamentations, we think about sorrow. And although it is a book filled with laments and desperation, it is also filled with hope and praise.

If I’m being transparent, I was a little fearful to claim this verse for our family this year. In my head, I do want Jesus to be my everything, but what will I have to lose to make this happen? 

I don’t know what the Lord is going to allow into our lives for 2018. If I had to guess, it will probably look like so many other years. Years filled with both heartache and beautiful redemption. Years filled with sorrow and joy. Years just like many of you have had.

But as 2018 unfolds, I want Jesus to be my portion. He really is all I need. I want to hang onto Him through whatever comes.

So this year, I will put my hope in Him and trust that His heart is good.

I will cling to Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Verse of the Year

  1. I love your verse of the year! There are so many messages out there today claiming that “I am enough.” It seems like a nice sentiment at first, but it’s just not true. We are easily led to the trap of depending on ourselves. And by “we” I mean “me”. So this is a really encouraging reminder! Hope you have a wonderful year relying on God!

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