What I’m Loving, Edition December 2017

Happy New Year!!!


I hope all of you had wonderful Christmas! We have enjoyed our time off from school and work – it has been relaxing and restful for all of us. With that being said, I’m a little behind on my blog posts. This technically should’ve gone out yesterday, but whatever…

Here are some of my favorite things for December.

  1. Rosehip Oil: This oil right here is a miracle worker on my skin. I use it every morning and every night and it makes my face feel so soft and silky. I’m assuming it’s doing something good for me because I’ve had lots of comments about how young I look. (Or it’s possible that people are lying to me because…well…wrinkles) But if this oil isn’t doing anything for me, I really don’t care. I love the way it makes my skin feel!
  2. Passion Planner: Are you a paper calendar kind of girl or do you keep your whole life on your phone? I used to write every little thing on my iPhone calendar (and I still do sync important events to my phone and to Peter’s phone) but I have recently become a paper calendar girl once again. I’ve had too many close calls when my phone decided to go haywire so I’ve decided not to chance it anymore. And y’all. I’ve found the best planner ever! It’s called the Passion Planner, and you should check it out. I use the full size academic planner which has a monthly layout as well as weekly layouts. It also has a personal space and a work space at the bottom of each week to prioritize everything you need to get done along with tons of white space for writing notes and lists. (I’m a list girl in case you didn’t know.) But my absolute favorite thing about this planner is the monthly reflection area. At the end of each month there are questions such as “What was the most memorable part of the past month?” and “Who or what were you especially grateful for this past month?” I’ve been able to look back on the past few months and see where I’ve grown and improved as well as the areas of my life where I need to do better. If you’re looking for a planner to start off the new year, this is the one you should get. I love it! And best of all? It’s $5 right now!
  3. Aveeno makeup remover wipes: I don’t know why I’ve waited until  age 42 to try makeup remover wipes but they have been life-changing for me. Here’s what happened: I’ve always just used cleanser and a washcloth to remove my makeup – mascara and all. I know that’s terrible but whatever. I have used eye makeup remover in the past but every single one that I’ve tried has burned my eyes so I finally stopped. But then I bought a new set of white washcloths and towels and I didn’t want black mascara marks all over them. So I found these wipes. They are really gentle, which is what I need on my delicate eye area, right? I only use them to remove my eye makeup but I guess technically I could use them to remove all the makeup on my face. Anyway, I absolutely love them and they leave my face feeling so soft and smooth – they’ve been a definite game changer for me!

That’s it for December! Is there something you have received this month that you absolutely love? I want to hear all about it!

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