Clothed with Strength and Dignity

Well, we’ve had lots of excitement at the Terrebonne house this week. “Excitement” might be a relative term, though, because what we find interesting may absolutely bore you out of your mind. But hey, we’ll take what we can get around here.

First of all, the pediatrician “recommended” (read: commanded) that we wean Vivi to a bottle last weekend because she only weighed 15 pounds at her one year checkup. She turned 1 on June 12 and I had planned to wean her around her first birthday, but there’s something about having someone tell me what to do… It just doesn’t sit well with me. (Shocking, I know.) Anyway, last Saturday, we sucked it up and let her cry until she realized the bottle was the only sustenance she was going to get. It was absolutely horrible for the first few hours because she would look at me, reach her little arms out to me, and then bawl her eyes out when I wouldn’t go to her. I think I cried harder than she did, though, and Peter finally made me leave for a bit. But by bedtime that night, Vivienne had figured it out. And thank the Lord for my nazi husband because otherwise I’d still be nursing Vivi while lamenting that she would never learn to take a bottle.

On a different note, Brie attended a drama camp last week at Valdosta State University and had a blast. She was a little nervous because she didn’t know anyone else, but she has such an outgoing personality that she quickly made friends. Honestly, she inspires me sometimes with her courage. Anyway, she got to play Taylor Swift in the play at the end of the week, and she did a really good job. She is a talented little thing. This week, however, is another story. She’s going to a softball camp also hosted by VSU. She’s actually enjoying it but she doesn’t do very well with heat and sweat. Bless her. She takes after her mama.

And then there’s Jonah. Sweet Jonah. He has a few issues that we’re working through but he’s so smart. Sometimes I think he’s a little genius. (I might be a little biased. Maybe.) He knows shapes, colors, at least 20 letters, most numbers 1-10, and can count to 20. (Genius, I tell you.) But the other day, I walked into his room at nap time, and what did I find? Jonah apparently had been fingerpainting with his poop. It was everywhere! All over him, his bed, the walls. It. Was. Lovely… Now tell me – what genius does something like that?

I’m telling you, parenting boys is so different than parenting girls. I’m not sure which is more difficult because with girls comes massive amounts of drama. But poop-stained walls definitely win on the gross-out scale.

Proverbs 31:25 says, “She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.” This verse has become my mantra of sorts, and some days I find myself chanting, “I can laugh at the future. I can laugh at the future. I am clothed with strength and dignity.” (I’m not sure how much dignity you can have when you’re scrubbing poop off of walls, but whatever. Let’s just go with it.)

What I do know is that God has entrusted three beautiful kids to me and Peter. He has given them to us for a short time and we are supposed to raise them to love Jesus and to love others. God’s view of us isn’t bound by what we think our “reality” is. He sees every little detail of our lives, and He knows how those details are working together for His purpose. Wherever we are today is where we’re meant to serve. Even if it means doing laundry for the millionth time this week. Or cooking dinner. Again. Or scrubbing poop off of walls.

For all of you mommies who are beyond exhausted and are wondering if what you’re doing makes a difference: it does! God sees you. He sees your exhaustion, your frustration over your three-year-old’s ninth tantrum of the morning. He sees you with the laundry piled up to your waist, wondering if you’ll even be able to find time for a shower today. He sees it all. He knows what you are sacrificing in order to raise these beautiful, cherished little people. Keep serving, precious mama. You are clothed with God’s strength and dignity. Even in the muck and mire. You are His. And He is all you need.

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