What I’m Loving, Edition October 2016

Happy Halloween!!


Halloween is not really my favorite holiday, but I have found a few favorite things this month. Check them out!

  1. I have been listening to lots of podcasts lately but this one had me in tears. If you are a mom, particularly of a strong-willed child, you need to stop what you’re doing and listen. During this episode, Kirk (from Celebrate Calm) throws out several key phrases that can diffuse any situation. And let me tell you – I needed to hear these! You can download them for free when you scroll to the bottom of this page. I am serious when I say that every parent needs to listen to this episode!
  2. These pajamas – Peter bought me these for my birthday and they are super soft and comfy. If you’re looking for a new pair of pjs, I highly recommend these.
  3. Lavender Essential Oil – I’m sort of an essential oil person. I started using them a few years ago to help Jonah’s concentration and focus. (I’m not sure if they’re helping or not…) BUT I do love lavender essential oil. I use it for everything. And I mean everything.  I put it directly on bug bites, cuts, and scrapes, and I diffuse it for a calming atmosphere and also for sleeping.
  4. You know I couldn’t end without mentioning these Cadbury Screme Eggs. I LOVE Cadbury Eggs so when they started making ones for Halloween a few years ago, it made me a happy girl!

That’s it for October! I hope your Halloween is fun and you are able to sneak your favorites treats out of your kids’ buckets!


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