Where Are You Wandering?

I recently had a long day of carpool and shuttling kids to therapies and sports practices. I was exhausted and just wanted to get home. But as I entered our neighborhood, I spotted two small children walking down the street, approaching the main highway near our house.

These children were tiny – one was barely walking and the other was only about two years old. And I knew exactly who they belonged to – the sweet little couple who had recently moved in down the street.

As I watched, curiously looking for a supervising adult, I noticed something. These tiny children were all alone, yet they did not seem afraid. They didn’t realize they were lost or that they were doing anything unusual by walking around our neighborhood alone.


After quickly glancing one last time for a parent, I scooped them up, put them in the car with my kids and drove them down to their house. When I pulled up, I spotted their mom outside, frantically calling their names. I opened my door, helped the children out of my car, and they skipped happily in the grass, not understanding why their mother was shaking with panic and crying with relief.

As it turns out, this sweet young mom was in the bathroom when the children had escaped from the house. The oldest had apparently unlocked the door and opened it (which he had never done before). It only took a split second which could’ve changed a family forever if we hadn’t pulled into the neighborhood when we did.

I am thanking God for that.

Days later, I am still contemplating the fear this young mom must have experienced. Wondering where her children had gone. Imagining the horrors that could’ve become reality. All because a curious little boy proudly opened a door for the first time and led his younger sister on a short “adventure.”

Friend, we make decisions every day that alter the course of our lives. So often, I choose a path that might not be the best for me.

I have been known to wander away from “home” and not even realize that I’m lost.

I’ve happily traveled down roads, oblivious to the enemy lurking around the next corner.

I don’t want to lose my way. I want to follow Christ. But how do we follow Him with all our hearts?

Scripture tells us the following:

“For ‘you were like sheep going astray,’ but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.”   1 Peter 2:25 (NIV) 

We have all been led astray at one time or another. Or perhaps, like my little neighbor boy, we were the ones doing the leading.

But our Heavenly Father is waiting on us to return to Him.  He wants to restore us. All we have to do is turn back toward Him.

When I choose a road that I shouldn’t have traveled on, I want to be wise enough to see my mistake.

And I want to run into the open arms of my Father.

No matter what you have done or where you have been, you can run to Him today, friend. He is waiting.

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