What I’m Loving, Edition January 2018

Y’all. How is it already the end of January?? I guess what they say is true – when you’re a kid, time passes slowly, but when you’re an adult, it flies by.

We’ve had a snowy month and it has been so much fun! Well, minus the fact that the little kids and I all had the flu during out winter snowstorm. Here are a couple pictures from our snow days. Vivi had a fever of 102.3 and I still let her play in the snow. I’m such a good mom…









Ok. Now to the things I’m loving:

  1. To stay on the theme of snow, these bibs: I remember being enamored with the lifestyle and culture of the people when we lived in North Dakota. I had never even heard of snow pants and snow bibs before living there and I couldn’t get over how every single person owned a pair. These are some hearty people, y’all. Teachers and students alike would go out for recess when it was -20 degrees. And it was fine. All because of the snow pants. Peter bought some for the kids this year, and much to my chagrin and protests, he bought me some too. But y’all. They are the Best Thing Ever. They kept me warm and dry in the snow as I played with my kids. I highly recommend getting a pair for yourself if there is even a slight, remote chance you will see snow.
  2. Happy Hour podcast #175: It’s no secret that this is my favorite podcast, but this particular episode was so good. If you struggle with body image, you have to listen to what Jamie’s guest says. I won’t spoil if for you – just go listen. Now!
  3. My hometown and the annual St Jude Auction: Ok. Here’s the thing. My little hometown of Minden, Louisiana, population 12,000, is filled with the most generous people in the world. The whole town holds an annual auction to benefit St Jude and they raise a ton of money over a 4 day period each year. Last year they raised $1,330,226.00!! That’s a lot of money, folks! I loved being a part of that auction when we lived there – I miss it so much now that we have moved away. But here’s the best part. Anybody can participate by making pledges and bids. It’s so much fun! I encourage you to check it our starting February 1!

That’s it for January! I hope you all have a Fabulous February!

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